Direct Mail

Considered as the cornerstone of marketing efforts by many companies to reach their target audience, direct mailing still remains a classic approach to attract, build and maintain lasting relationships with key customers.

Tried, Tested and True!

Although other promotional methods may seem more befitting within this increasingly high tech global market, a well targeted, eye catching piece of snail mail can still have a strong impact on consumers.

Our single source-solution covers all aspects of customer acquisition, from choosing the right lists and campaign execution to leverage the value of your data. Having each phase of your direct mail campaign done internally, allows for detailed progress tracking and reporting every step of the way. Benefits like this don’t come from traditional marketing firms and excessive use of the middle man.

Should larger scale lettershops be required to meet high volume orders, collaboration with established partners ensures continued efficiency of your campaign.

Whether your direct mailing goal is to increase response rates or ensure your pieces reach the right people our proven approach delivers measurable results.