About us

Driving Your Business Forward

Companies, brands, and marketers spend time and money to create solutions that add value to reach each potential customer, while at the same time, meeting company objectives. Creating these types of win-win situations can be a challenge in today’s marketplace. Finding the equilibrium of the two is where CanadaDirect thrives.

With a wide range of solutions, CanadaDirect creates customized multi-channel integrated marketing programs that have the ability to acquire and satisfy customers. Our proficiency in Contact Centers Solutions, Digital and Affinity marketing, allows us to deliver meaningful and measurable results to our clients. We have developed our expertise and are specialists in creating and executing customer acquisition, retention strategies, and solutions.

Values That Drive Us

Accountability – We mean what we say, say what we mean, and deliver results.
Innovation – We envision new and creative solutions to push the envelope.
Excellence – We strive to give you more than you expect, every time.
Integrity – Our success is driven by doing the right thing.
Passion– We demonstrate enthusiasm, dedication, and satisfaction in everything we do.
Teamwork – We work as an integrated entity to deliver the highest level of service.

Your Business is at the Center

Our operations are customer centric. Our marketing experts work with you to develop and execute cohesive strategies to reach your business objectives. CanadaDirect’s expertise and solutions focus on connecting your business with new and existing customer opportunities at various points in the customer lifecycle. We help you create conversations that generate new customers, drive sales, and create brand loyalty across multiple channels and technologies. We succeed when you do.

A Track Record to Prove it

With almost 30 years in the business, and relationships spanning over 10 years, CanadaDirect has created life-long partnerships with our clients. We have become a trusted partner for some of Canada’s largest brands in the financial, telecom and consumer segments. We have been able to develop these types of relationships because of our dependable track record of enhancing our clients’ business offerings, increasing brand awareness, driving sales growth and providing a superior customer experience.

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