Our Formula

At CanadaDirect, our focus is the bottom line. We deliver high value campaigns that have a direct impact on our clients’ ROI. How do we achieve this? The answer is simple…Diversity! We offer single-source execution of our clients’ entire direct marketing program.

Jack of All Trades, Master of One

Although our multifaceted business approach to marketing has indeed cultivated our individual skills and services over the years, it remains our matchless ability of integration to which we owe our success.

Our bird’s eye view of the industry provides us with the big picture perspective required for wide spread or segmented targeting. We speak directly to your clients by filtering them targeted, attention grabbing campaigns that will help maximize your market share and gain the competitive advantage.

More than just a call center or mail house!
We are your strategic partner to help you:

Assess & Advise – We analyze your goals and challenges, choose the best approach according to your needs and collaborate with you for execution.

Create – Our innovative design team ensures that your messages are provocative and effective, while maintaining your brand identity.

Optimize – Blind faith is unheard of at CanadaDirect. Comprehensive planning and pre-testing ensures smooth implementation and successful audience reach.

Benchmark – We compare and contrast our approach against your existing metrics before proposing an action plan to improve your performance and results.

Analyze & Report – Through detailed tracking, we deliver accurate and timely reports to quickly identify and adjust campaigns in accordance with your business goals.

Reduce – It is more than about just bringing you customers. By factoring in your cost per acquisition, we work with you to ensure the price is always right.