Conversion Optimization

Convert visitors into customers

Attracting new customers and visitors to your website is not enough. We are constantly reviewing each stage of the user experience and combine it with the data needed to create an enhanced client experience that will increase your conversion rates. As a result, users will see more sales, without increasing ad budget.

Conversion Optimization Process

1) Audit and review the visitor user flow and customer buy flows

a. Map the flow
b. Review ad copy, Images and color
c. Examine call-to-actions
d. Trust factors

2) Analyze the Data

a. Time spent on site
b. Bounce rate
c. Click-through-rate
d. Conversion rate

3) Identify gaps in the process

a. User interaction
b. Incomplete actions
c. Complicated steps
d. Unclear labels and instructions

4) Funnel and Landing Page Optimization

a. Reduce friction
b. Remove unnecessary fields
c. Optimize call-to-actions
d. Streamline the process

5) Test, Test, Test

a. A/B test
b. Testing tools
c. Reporting
d. Analytics and metrics

6) Implement and Re-test

a. Increase conversions
b. Improve customer experience
c. Reduce cost per acquisition/sale
d. Maximize existing budgets