Digital Marketing

Delivering Results

At CanadaDirect, Digital Marketing is at the core of our business. We have a professional team of in-house digital, product, and account experts that are focused on developing targeted and strategic campaigns that deliver outstanding results, while maintaining the brand experience your customers expect.

Our digital services are always customized to ensure you are maximizing your marketing budgets and leveraging key channels throughout the buyer journey. We assess your priorities, objectives and customer profiles to create an integrated strategic marketing approach that is direct, scalable and effective. It’s one of the reasons we work on an acquisition and pay-per-performance model, and we always deliver.

Services Overview

Industry Experts

Our extensive consumer and business expertise allow us to consistently perform at a level not seen with other digital agencies. The CanadaDirect digital team has a combined experience of over 90 years, and we have been driving acquisition and sales for our partners for almost 30. Together, we have delivered successful inbound marketing and SEO campaigns across North America and world-wide.

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