Digital Services

From their smartphones, tablets and laptops, consumers now live in a portable sleepless world with a perpetual line of connectivity. As technology continues to advance at an accelerated rate, so does the influx of new digital marketing channels, leaving many marketers with their heads spinning.

Lost in Translation?

Digital marketing is complex enough for veterans. For newcomers, it’s a tangled web of jargon and acronyms. With so many marketing platforms available, the dilemma has become where to reach, inspire and trigger a real human response and conversion.

At CanadaDirect, we can help you cut through the smoke and mirrors and identify the best
channel(s) to connect with your target market virtually. We do so, by fusing strategic thinking, creativity and technical expertise.

Let Us Be Your Compass and We Will Show You the Way

As your digital guide, our savvy and professional team can help you increase your online visibility, quality traffic and leads by optimizing your company’s online presence.

Our digital services include, website design and programming, internet application development, mobile application, electronic marketing, social media monitoring and predictive consumer data analysis, online advertising and SEO optimization.

Aligned to those of our clients, our goals are to achieve a more flexible, efficient and scalable way of reaching, serving, and maintaining customer loyalty.

We place analytics and intelligence at the core of our business. Our integrated marketing mentality allows us to optimize client investments across digital and traditional channels, while unlocking value through improved customer acquisition and conversion effectiveness.

We can help your company reach its potential in digital communications!